Design Shades Types:

Profile Design Shades

This style of Design Shade gives the appearance of a sheer curtain combined with vanes of a vertical. You can control light or have complete privacy by the tilt of the vanes.

Flight Plus Design Shades

Combining a soft horizontal blade with a light sheer backing, Flight Plus offers both filtered views and the security of privacy. The soft squares compliment the style and add a unique pattern feature.
The versatility of Flight Plus enables you to provide either a soft, elegant and private feeling, or an open airy atmosphere.

Shadowline Design Shades

Shadowline is the perfect choice for room areas where you require complete light control and high level of privacy. Shadowline will protect your furnishings from damaging, ultraviolet light as well as providing insulation against heat and cold penetrating into the room.

Lookout Design Shades

Lookout combines the classic appearance of a Roman blind with the variable light control features of a Venetian blind. The soft folds of this shade combined with the light sheer fabric offer a pleasing subdued view or complete privacy using a unique operating system. Compact, neat and tidy the Lookout utilises very little space and will barely obstruct your view. Lookout can comfortably sit within any décor style.

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