Element 13 Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Aluminium is both an incredibly strong and reliably durable metal, especially given its remarkably light weight. When successfully extruded into our shutter blades and frames – which are also entirely moisture sealed and impervious to insect attack – Element 13 aluminium shutters are the perfect solution for all indoor and outdoor applications, making it ideal for wet/rainy conditions.

In addition to the reliable strength of our aluminium blades and frames, all of our Element 13 products are finished with Interpon Powder Coating by AkzoNobel.

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Use, Care and Maintenance Element 13 Shutters

Element 13 Shutters are unsurpassed for quality in appearance and structure and are manufactured to last. Like all home furnishings however, they need proper care and regular maintenance in order to prolong their life. Operating Element 13 Shutters: Before opening hinged panels or operating sliders or bifolds, ensure louvres are closed to prevent damage. When sliding bypass panels, ensure louvres are closed to prevent louvres from clashing. When opening bifolds, start in the centre or the end of the stack, and stack the panels together as you go. Magnetic catches are installed on framed installations to help compensate for movement

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