Use, Care and Maintenance Fusion PLUS Shutters

Fusion PLUS Shutters are unsurpassed for quality in appearance and structure and are manufactured to last. Like all home furnishings however, they need proper care and regular maintenance in order to prolong their life.

Operating Fusion PLUS Shutters:

Before opening hinged panels or operating sliders or bifolds, ensure blades are closed to prevent damage.

When sliding bypass panels, ensure blades are closed to prevent blades from clashing.

When opening bifolds, start in the centre or the end of the stack, and stack the panels together as you go.

Glides and magnetic catches are installed to help compensate for movement of panels within the frame.

Panels will naturally flex when opening and closing and should be assisted by slightly lifting the panel against the magnetic stop.

Do not force or slam shutters closed as this will cause damage to both the shutter and the frame work.

Never swing or place any weight on the shutter.

Do not put your hands through the blades to gain access to window openings as this will place strain on the blades that will not be covered under warranty.

When adjusting blades by hand, move two blades simultaneously and stop if you feel any resistance.

Never tilt one blade on its own as you may cause damage to the clearview mechanism or blade.

Maintaining Fusion PLUS Shutters:

Rotate blades daily

Keep any tracks free of dirt and grit weekly. Use a silicone spray lubricant if necessary

Regularly clean blades with a soft slightly damp cloth to remove dust

Fusion PLUS shutters may be cleaned with a mild diluted dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth, or a mild base household cleaner for more difficult dirt and stains

Always rinse afterwards with fresh water so that the contact time of the cleaning solution is kept to a minimum

NEVER USE hot water, alcohol, silicon-based sprays, solvents, chlorine-based cleaners, steel wool, scourers or abrasive cleaners on shutters as they may affect the surface
appearance and durability

Do not use undue weight or pressure on the blades whilst wiping

If any blades come loose, use the tension screw to tighten again (located at the side of the shutter panel)

We are a Fusion PLUS Shutters dealer, Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your Shutters.

Fusion Plus Plantation Shutters

All Fusion PLUS shutters are exclusively manufactured using the highest-grade, fully waterproof and reinforced polymer extrusions, making them not only aesthetically attractive and reliably durable, and absolutely ready for all wet climates too! Modelled on heavy construction and civil engineering “universal” beams, our incredibly strong H-shaped aluminium insert provides increased strength and long lasting performance

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