Fusion Plus Plantation Shutters

All Fusion PLUS shutters are exclusively manufactured using the highest-grade, fully waterproof and reinforced polymer extrusions, making them not only aesthetically attractive and reliably durable, and absolutely ready for all wet climates too!

Modelled on heavy construction and civil engineering “universal” beams, our incredibly strong H-shaped aluminium insert provides increased strength and long lasting performance in all our shutter louvres. In addition, all of our Fusion PLUS panels are fabricated with solidly constructed mortise and tenon joints reinforced with the highest strength industrial adhesive then sealed with stainless-steel, weather-resistant screws to insure a lifetime of longevity that won’t crack, sag, warp or split over time.

Backed by our limited Lifetime Warranty, all of our Fusion PLUS shutters are the customer-satisfied, most durable, long-lasting shutters on the market today, with the best performance record of comparable shutter systems available anywhere.

Available in any designer customised shapes – with optional hinged, fixed, sliding and bifold layouts – Fusion PLUS comes in a variety of Ten Colours to compliment our standard, most popular Dulux Whites, with a wide range of available framing options also customised to any of your requirements.

Fire Retardant

UV Resistant



Moisture and humidity resistant

Spans up to 1000mm wide

All Rails glued and screwed using the highest strength mortise and tenon joints

Stiles are co-extruded with square aluminium inserts for maximum strength

Each louvre is co-extruded with H-shaped aluminium inserts to prevent any sagging

High strength frame brackets provide for added support with installation

Wider panel options than many other polymer shutters on the market

Insulates better than any wood shutter and provides for low maintenance

Engineered poly material is water resistant; ideal for all wet areas

Protected by a high UV inhibitor to ensure maximum durability

10 x standard colours designed to compliment the most popular Dulux White

Will not rot, absorb moisture, delaminate, split, crack or promote mould

High quality, low VOC, water-borne paint is machine applied pre-assembly for a long-lasting and consistent finish

Pre-paint finish provides installation flexibility and no risk of paint finish cracking between joints

Strongest warranty in the industry with a lifetime guarantee the extrusion won’t crack, sag, warp or split

Manufactured by one of the largest poly factories worldwide, established in 1969

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Fusion PLUS Plantation Shutters Brochure

Use, Care and Maintenance Fusion PLUS Shutters

Fusion PLUS Shutters are unsurpassed for quality in appearance and structure and are manufactured to last. Like all home furnishings however, they need proper care and regular maintenance in order to prolong their life. Operating Fusion PLUS Shutters: Before opening hinged panels or operating sliders or bifolds, ensure blades are closed to prevent damage. When

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Fusion PLUS Dealer Warranty Card

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